NeueHouse expands to Downtown Los Angeles' most historic building.
Continuing our legacy of transforming buildings rich with deep-rooted cultural authority into creative engines, we are proudly expanding our footprint to the iconic Bradbury Building in Downtown Los Angeles.
The Building
The Building
“One of the most thrilling spaces on the North American continent.”

— Architect Charles Moore

The city’s oldest landmarked building, the Bradbury is located at the nexus of Downtown Los Angeles. Its art nouveau character has played both inspirational and actual roles in futurist and sci-fi writing, film, and television over the decades. Its construction just after the industrial revolution tethers it to the progress of today’s creative communities.
The Neighborhood
The unassuming façade opens into an inspiring, sun-drenched atrium that invites wonder and curiosity. Still esteemed more than 100 years after its 1893 opening, it remains one of Los Angeles’ most iconic and unique treasures.
The Neighborhood
Timeless Design
The Bradbury Building’s interiors maintain its original design elements. The wrought iron latticework of its staircases, Italian marble accents, red oak paneling, and two open-caged hydraulic elevators add elegance and sophistication to the work day.
New Perspectives
Open skylights and cascading windows offer rotating streaks of natural sunlight throughout the day – providing entry points for inspiration, intrigue, and restoration for the creatively minded.
The Neighborhood
The Neighborhood
“The possibility that any of its creative industries may collide at any moment.”

— New York Times

The cultural awakening of Downtown Los Angeles has transformed it into an epicenter of the city’s creative renaissance. With the burgeoning resurgence of activity and industry, it is becoming the true beating heart of the City of Angels.
The Neighborhood
The influx of entrepreneurial residents into Downtown Los Angeles has supported a re-characterization of the neighborhood, offering a cocoon for the creative lifestyle that celebrates and incubates new ideas, people and experiences.
The Neighborhood
Bring New Ideas
Arts and culture are driving forces in Los Angeles, and have defined and inspired the economic and social revitalization of DTLA.
In Good Company
With adjacent institutions such as the Broad Museum, Ace Hotel, Hauser & Wirth, and Grand Central Market, the neighborhood is cushioned by art, design, hospitality and commerce from all angles.
The Offering
The Offering
“NeueHouse represents a collision of business, art and technology… a dismissal of boundaries.”

— The Observer

NeueHouse is a creative system that artfully combines community, design, hospitality and programming together to encourage deep connections, collaboration and innovation. By uniting a thoughtful selection of fascinating people and brands, our community is truly defining a new way to work, collaborate and share experiences.
The Offering
Moving into the Bradbury Building represents our commitment to advancing ideas and culture by inhabiting spaces rich with history and inspiring design – NeueHouse continues its tradition of building a home for its members to experience, connect and create.
The Neighborhood

Our members are our raison d'être. The NeueHouse community is curious, current, and bound by a passion for culture. They welcome the chance to exchange ideas with talented people from all walks, and value an atmosphere where frequent casual interaction can lead to new innovation in their own work.


NeueHouse is a story best told through the live experience. With thought-provoking events, we provide a platform for discourse and discovery to advance ideas and conversations, creating powerful shared moments.

The Neighborhood
Food & Beverage

Gracious, relaxed but always efficient and anticipatory, food and beverage is our medium for connection and conversation, offering an imaginative, unexpected and timeless palette, all in the spirit of good company.


NeueHouse is designed to feel like the warmth of home, foster new connections and set the stage for cultural experiences. We believe the shape, heritage and story of our environment impacts the way we work and live.

Opening January 2020
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